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I am a happily married woman and a mother of two beautiful kids, I worked as a real estate agent for last eight years and a certified translator for last two years for the county courts system and social services, during my work with various translation assignments I met a lot of under privileged and needy families which they depend heavily on government and local community help and I realized that there is a great gap between the community at large and the need for the less disenfranchised, and I started to help and assist them individually from my garage with the help of my friends which quickly grew  that made me decide to begin this journey right here in the Inland Empire city of Rancho Cucamonga, California.

My duties and responsibility as the CEO / Founder of this organization is to make contact with food banks, collect donation, plan community events and train field and office staff in providing the social services.

My passion and dream is to create an environment that every needy and under privileged family will benefit from our services. Encourage them to be independent and empower them with self confidence that with a little help they can be whatever they set their mind to accomplish.

I look forward to making this organization a successful and productive body of our local and surrounding cities and communities with the help of other non-profit organizations, individuals and business who care for others and for the common good.

Khalida Khanum
CEO / Founder

Outreach Nation, Corp 

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